Invasive species

I am interested in both conceptual and applied approaches to marine invasions. Currently, I'm investigating the interactions between marine invasive species and climate change.

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Data-limited tropical fisheries

I use data from a variety of non-traditional information sources to reconstruct fish and invertebrate catches from typically unreported sectors and/or taxa over time periods ranging from 50 to almost 200 years.

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Coral reef ecology

Broadly, I am interested in the factors that shape community structure and function on coral reefs and the internal and external drivers of resilience in these systems to stressors such as climate change and overfishing.

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Putting Canada's ocean economy on the path to net zero

The ocean is the world’s largest reservoir of carbon and many marine industries emit greenhouse gases. Yet the ocean economy has traditionally been overlooked in both global and national discussions on greenhouse gas emissions and mitigation. This oversight, however, is being quickly remedied. I am working with a variety of stakeholder groups to develop guidelines to get Canada's ocean economy on the path to net zero by 2050.